Feldenkrais can help people recover from injury and teach them how to avoid re-injuring themselves by offering them new options for moving, sensing and feeling. It’s gentle and pain-free and engages their brain’s natural capacity to learn and change through awareness.


Janine offers private sessions, classes and workshops where people learn to move in a variety of gentle, easy ways so they can move differently and improve over time. They often continue to come long after the initial reason that they had begun because they are learning more and more to take charge of their own comfort.


Case History
I had a client who was frustrated searching for a resolution for her hip pain. She had a series of lessons with me and learnt to move slower and smaller and with more attention. Now she moves much better than before and is able to enjoy walking the dog again which has improved her fitness as well. 


Feldenkrais can:

• improve posture, breathing flexibility and coordination

• change movement habits that create pain or tension

• reduce stress

• improve strength, stability and balance

• enhance self-awareness, self-image and personal well-being